Monthly Story 1

Emancipator - Dusk to Dawn

The fog rolled in, coating the late afternoon scenery and our tongues with milkiness. We had just parked on the side of the road and were scrambling across the backseat of the jeep for some warm layers. 

While Doug usually does most of the driving, I try my best to stay alert - both to keep him company and to selfishly make sure I am not missing any photo opportunity. My best trick is to design days-long playlists for every single trip we take in order to keep entertained.

The Iceland 2016 playlist was a mix of downtempo, 70s rock, electronica and indie Brit weird tracks. As we wandered away from the car, I popped my earbuds back in and got lost both in the moss fields and in the guitar riffs of Emancipator's 'Dusk to Dawn'. Utterly drown in thought, I came back to my senses with the end of the song and realised I was alone in the valley. I could distinguish the faint silhouettes of misty reddish peaks in the distance, across from the silver stream.

The fog got heavier, bathing the whole scene in an ethereal glow.  

Hearing the shuffling of Doug's feet behind me, I snapped my shots, then contentedly leaned into him to watch menacing clouds flow in. 

We stood there until the rain chased us away.

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