Monthly Story 4

alt-J - Every Other Freckle

We didn't leave much to chance when it came to planning our six week road trip in the US in the spring of 2016. As it turns out, fear of missing out can express itself in any scenario - in the end, it's all about being unable to relinquish control. My manic use of pins on Google made the maps look completely schizophrenic. We had also written a complete document with driving times, camping reservations, scenic views along the way - down to places where we could shower (Love petrol stations are the best). 

And man, was our itinerary ambitious.

By the time we reached Nevada, my husband was already grumbling about the long hours on the road, while I sunk lower and lower in my seat, feeling both guilty and keen to see our itinerary carried through.

Valley of Fire State Park was one of these places I could not imagine driving past, yet I could feel Doug's ambivalence about yet another one night stop. As we stopped for a break, I showed him a few pictures of the Fire Wave, which was just recently open to the public. Just as I expected, it luckily sufficed to convince him.

We had booked a great campsite and it considerably lifted his mood. We pitched our tent, grabbed our hiking shoes and went looking for the trail.

The air was dry and heavy with flowery scents, little flecks of tufty pollen floating around us. Surrounded by a sea of pink and red rocks, we hiked to the Wave, stopping along the way to enjoy the scenery.

The cadence given by alt-J's Every Other Freckle, we walked side by side, lost in thought and in awe of the landscape.

As we reached the last rocky plateau, I took off my shoes, enjoying the feeling of the warm rough stones against my skin. The Wave stood at the top of the slope, majestic. We had the place to ourselves for a while, and departed when another couple showed up. Back at the campground, contented and relaxed, we heated up some stew over the fire and settled down for the night while watching the night fall.